12/01/2016 4:57 PM AEDT | Updated 15/07/2016 12:51 PM AEST

Newtown Fire Station Farewells David Bowie

Newtown Fire Station Facebook

Sometimes, it is the simplest tribute that sends the most powerful message.

As the world continues to make sense of David Bowie’s death, Sydney’s Inner West community is mourning together with its local fire station.

The Newtown Fire Station has farewelled the music icon via their noticeboard, leaving a simple reminder for passers-by.

“We have guys ranging from 20 to 55 years-of-age here, and all are Bowie fans. This is just our small tribute to him,” a spokesperson from Newtown Fire Station told the Huffington Post Australia.

Etching lyrics from Bowie’s milestone hit, ‘Starman,’ the Newtown team hoped to send a similar message across their local area.

“People who live in this area are very supportive of people like David Bowie and what they stand for.”

The noticeboard has generated a strong response across social media, with almost 15 000 shares on Facebook. "Respect to you, Newtown Fire Station," wrote one user, "You legends," said another.

The tribute continues a line of noticeboard updates by the fire station who regularly contribute to local discussions surrounding issues of interest.

“It is all part of investing in the social message of the area -- it is our own individual thoughts as a fire station. We try to attract interest in our noticeboards so that the next fire message will be read by more people.”

On this occasion, however, the message was simple.