11/01/2016 4:37 PM AEDT | Updated 15/07/2016 12:51 PM AEST

Vax Populi: Pauline Hanson Says She'd Think Twice About Vaccinating Kids

"Stop Being Bloody Sarcastic": Pauline Hanson Causes Stir Abou...

"That is irresponsible Pauline. You're talking dangerous RUBBISH!" Derryn Hinch couldn't contain his rage after Pauline Hanson revealed one of her grandkids isn't vaccinated... #sun7

Posted by Sunrise on Sunday, 10 January 2016

This is the biggest thing to happen the anti-vaxxer movement since the invention of tin foil.

One Nation Party Leader Pauline Hanson on Monday expressed sympathy for the movement and told Seven's Sunrise her grandson was not vaccinated, after Victorian health authorities slammed a planned gathering of anti-vax supporters at Melbourne zoo.

"I had my kids vaccinated, but I'll tell you what I'd think twice about it these days and if the government wants to be responsible..." Ms Hanson told the Sunrise program, before she was cut off by host David Koch and guest Derryn Hinch.

"Pauline that is irresponsible," said Hinch.

Hanson said one of her grandchildren was not vaccinated, a choice of the parents.

"There is debate and I spoke to a lot of people years ago about vaccination so I think there should be a debate, an educational process," she said.

If you listen really closely to the clip at about 2.17, you hear someone gently groan and someone else sigh loudly as Hanson starts to talk about African migrants and disease.

"I think we should start the fluridisation debate again," offered a clearly frustrated Hinch.

"You are talking dangerous rubbish."

Ms Hanson later tolld The Daily Mail more research needed to be done about the link between vaccination and autism and cancer.

“I have had so many people who have brought it to my attention, that's why their kids are autistic,” she said.

“We haven't done the research enough, what is causing these kids to have autism, what is having all the cancer in our community, have we had enough answers into the cancer?”

Twitter surprised no one with its reactions:

In April last year the federal government announced its no-jab-no-pay policy, laws which remove childcare benefits, rebates and some tax supplements from parents who don't immunise their children.