14/01/2016 12:14 AM AEDT | Updated 15/07/2016 12:51 PM AEST

Jake Lehmann, Son Of Australian Coach Daren Lehmann, Hits Six Off Last Ball To Win Big Bash Match

James Elsby via Getty Images
ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA - JANUARY 13: Tim Ludeman and Jake Lehmann of Adelaide celebrate their win during the Big Bash League match between the Adelaide Strikers and the Hobart Hurricanes at Adelaide Oval on January 13, 2016 in Adelaide, Australia. (Photo by James Elsby/Getty Images)

Jake Lehmann, son of Australian coach Darren Lehmann, just walked out and hit a six off the very last ball of the innings to steal a ridiculously cheeky Big Bash win over the Hobart Hurricanes in the match at Adelaide Oval on Wednesday night.

This was not just any last ball win. This was a win concocted by a bloke who had played no matches in the tournament previously and who had faced not a single ball this innings.

Lehmann, who is not in the least portly like his father whose nickname is "Boof", has a twirly mo and a big goofy grin. But the grin was momentarily absent as he walked to the crease with two balls to go and his team needing five runs to win, four to tie.

Lehmann was at the non-striker's end. His batting partner, Tim Ludemann, hit a single off the second last ball. Four to win, three to tie, Lehmann on strike. Win and he would secure a home final. That would mean another packed out Adelaide Oval with 50,000 screaming locals.

So basically, he was batting for himself, his family name, his team and a huge chunk of the South Australian economy. No pressure. Over to you Jake.

Prior to the dramatic last over, this had been one of those nights when you were watching the cricket but sort of thinking, yeah, maybe I should clean the kitchen or do a load of washing or finish that book I'm never going to finish or cut my toenails or vacuum the cat hair off the rug.

The visiting Hobart Hurricanes started promisingly but fizzled, being bowled out for 143 in the last over. The Adelaide Strikers also started brightly but they too lost their way and the game meandered along as aimlessly as an #ImaCelebrityAU promo.

The one enjoyable thing was the fresh faces, several of whom were on display due to a combination of injuries and call-ups to the Australian One Day squad. Some bloke called Greg West bowled four really good overs for the Strikers -- having impressed captain Brad Hodge at training by bowling at his head, as you generally DO NOT do.

Another newbie on show was Simon Milenko, who bowled impeccably all night and was given the honour of bowling the final over. This he did admirably, until that fateful last ball which was just a touch too wide outside off stump. Jake Lehmann duly dispatched it between mid-off and cover and it just cleared the rope. Game over.

"Jake Lehmann, son of a gun!" said commentator Mark "Howie" Howard.

"Is he the most famous Lehmann that Adelaide has produced?" asked commentator Damien Fleming. That was a cheeky one. For the record, Darren Lehmann made over 40,000 runs at the highest levels of cricket. The kid's not up to 500 yet. Fleming is staying at Lehmann's house in Brisbane later this week, so perhaps big Boof will remind the Bowlologist of that.

Meanwhile, in a disturbing echo of those annoying insurance ads starring Brett Lee, it emerged that coach Jason Gillespie's advice to the young Lehmann before walking out was: "Just whack it".

Sprawled back on one knee, Jake Lehmann sure did that, It wasn't the world's cleanest hit, but it was good enough. The kid followed instructions. Darren would probably be more proud of that than the result.