19/01/2016 1:31 PM AEDT | Updated 15/07/2016 12:51 PM AEST

Peter Dutton Cans Visa For 'Pick Up Artist' JeffyAllen


Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has cancelled the visa of controversial "pick up artist" Jeff Allen, after a petition against his planned speaking tour garnered more than 60,000 signatures in two days.

It is understood Allen left Australia on Sunday, after Vibe Hotels announced it cancelled Allen's planned events at its venues after Allen's Employer, Real Social Dynamics, booked events under another name.

The group promotes tactics such as physical intimidation and emotional abuse as part of its 'pick up' method.

Byeeeee! - - Remember that it was feminist activists who chased this guy out of the country. All very well for Dutton to retrospectively revoke visa ...

Posted by Australians Against RSD Misogyny #shutdownrsd on Monday, 18 January 2016

Mr Dutton on Monday night described the group's views as "repugnant".

"When you have a look at some of the information that these guys are promoting, it’s pretty repugnant to say the least and I asked my Department to have a look at this," he told Sky News.

"I can say that a person associated with this particular movement has had his visa cancelled. The person is already out of Australia anyway and they make it difficult as I understand it because they’re arriving, or at least they operate online with different names than they arrive on in terms of their passport and travel documentation.

He praised his department for identifying the group, who he said "are completely without legitimate cause to be here, don’t meet our character tests".

In 2014 the Australian government cancelled the visa of RSD speaker Julien Blanc on similar grounds.

Comedian and anti RSD campaigner Kirsty Mac said it was direct community action that made Allen leave Australia "with his tail between his legs".

"Then his visa was revoked retroactively," she told the Huffington Post via email.

"Australia says no to violence against women."

She said RSD endorsed rape, and said it was "insane" the group was let back into the country in the first place.

"This is not a bandwagon and it's not an outrage, this happened a year ago. This has already happened.

"That they are back at all is insane."

Greens senator Larissa Waters congratulated the campaign, saying it successfully put a stop to "sexist ‘pick up artist’ seminars."

“When Australians stand together to speak out against violence and sexism we can prevail,” Senator Waters said in a statement.

“It’s disgraceful that one of the sexist seminars, which promote choking, threatening and abusing women, was reportedly able to go ahead before Jeff Allen left the country."

Anti-RSD advocates had feared the group was using decoy methods to pretend its courses had been cancelled.

The petition attracted more than 62,000 supporters, and accused the group of promoting the abuse of women.

"The 'tactics' Julien and his team teach include 'choking' women and calling them 'deadbeat whores' in order to shock them into submitting to his dominance," the petition said.

"They call themselves 'pick up artists', but are nothing more than promoters of sexism and violence against women."

We can’t let them get away with it. Please sign and share this @Change petition now.Remember the time in 2014 we...

Posted by Collective Shout on Sunday, 17 January 2016

Some comments on the Real Social Dynamics (RSD) forums:

'It was all about glory, intent and aggression...'

'I approached one of the hottest girls at the bar -- full grabbing on her rapist stylez...'