18/01/2016 7:00 PM AEDT | Updated 15/07/2016 12:51 PM AEST

One Home Destroyed In Victorian Bushfires


One home has been destroyed and another damaged in the latest fires to sweep through Melbourne's south-west.

The Country Fire Authority said the fire is not yet under control -- after previously being declared a 'Watch and Act' on Monday night -- and smoke is now moving in a southerly direction towards Eastern Melbourne.

Warning drivers in the area to slow down and turn on their headlights the CFA have told others to stay close to shelter in case conditions change again.

The CFA issued an emergency warning for Crib Point at Western Port Bay on Monday afternoon.

Starting near The Esplanade, the fire was originally travelling south but a CFA state control centre spokesperson told The Huffington Post Australia a wind change moved the fire in a north-easterly direction towards the water.

CFA Deputy Chief Officer Steven Warrington told the ABC fire authorities were trying to account for all residents.

"We know that there is a particular lady, a 70-year-old woman that is sheltering in the creek and we're trying to find her at the moment," Warrington said.

"Our attention now has turned to trying to identify or find the people that are with those particular homes [lost or damaged]."

The 70-year-old woman has since been found.

For updates visit Victoria Emergency and for urgent information contact the Country Fire Authority.