21/01/2016 4:49 PM AEDT | Updated 28/09/2016 9:56 PM AEST

This Orphan Joey With Bandaged Paws Will Melt Your Heart

Waroona Veterinary Clinic/Facebook

The damage to the Western Australian town of Yarloop in the wake of the bushfires is not only being felt by the community, but the wildlife too as locals continue to rescue kangaroo joeys with burn injuries struggling to access food and water from a non-existent bushland.

The latest joey to be admitted into Waroona Veterinary Clinic was this little guy, who brought the clinic’s total joey tally up to five.

“He came in last night with a singed tail and burns to all four of his paws,” Samantha Dunne, trainee veterinary nurse at Waroona Veterinary Clinic told The Huffington Post Australia.

It was only last week the clinic celebrated the first day it didn’t have to say goodbye to any animals following the bushfires that blazed through the historic mill town ruining more than 100 houses.

“Some locals spent quite some time trying to catch him -- he’s super quick -- but he was obviously hungry enough to approach them for hand feeding,” Dunne said.

The young male joey is making a promising recovery.

While untreated burn injuries put the young joeys at risk of infection, Dunne said their biggest problem is access to food and water.

“Burnt hand paws make it difficult for them to scratch around but there’s also very little bush left to eat from -- it’s been totally incinerated,” Dunne said.

“When they’re with us, we’re able to treat their wounds, keep them hydrated, comfortable and look after them as best we can with the goal to release them into the wild,” Dunne said.

As for what they’re eating -- it’s kangaroo pellets, hay, the boss’ roses and some green grass.

“What we hope to do with the little orphans is release them together in their own mob, back into the bush,” Dunne said.

The clinic is offering treatment for all animals affected by the fire free of charge.