22/01/2016 11:57 AM AEDT | Updated 28/09/2016 9:56 PM AEST

Jonah Lomu Grave Robbery: Nadene Lomu Begs People To Stop

Fairfax Media

What's wrong with people? Seriously, what's wrong with them?

People are stealing stuff from the grave of Jonah Lomu, the former New Zealand All Blacks rugby player who died suddenly in November.

Lomu's widow Nadene shared an emotional post on Facebook to encourage everybody out there to show a little respect.

In the emotional post, Nadene Lomu said "it saddens me that our sons things they choose for you keep being taken off & taken away from yr place of rest".

She went on to say that "a child's love is innocent & pure", and said the removal of the tokens from the grave of the legendary All Black rugby player had hurt her two sons -- Brayley, 6, and Dhyreille, 5.

To my love Jonah high up in the heavens. The greatest gift of all from you is our sons. A small family we are but...

Posted by Nadene Lomu on Thursday, January 21, 2016

Just two months before his death in 2015, Lomu gave an interview in which he said his life ambition was to see his sons grow into young men.

He said if he could get to the age of 55 -- at which point his sons would be turning 21 -- he would consider himself a lucky man.

Tragically, that never happened. Leaving mementos untouched on Lomu's gravestone won't bring the big man back. But Nadene Lomu has made it pretty clear today that it would be an act of respect for both the deceased and his family.