22/01/2016 11:55 AM AEDT | Updated 28/09/2016 9:56 PM AEST

NRA Takes Aim At Australia Again, Misses

The National Rifle Association has taken aim at Australia's gun buy-back scheme in a dramatic scare ad drawing on 20-year-old information.

The video, which takes clips of US President Barrack Obama and his potential democrat successor, Hilary Clinton, was posted on Youtube by the powerful pro-gun lobbyists on Wednesday.

"Certainly, the Australian example is worth looking at," Mrs Clinton says in the clip, before the video goes on to show a montage of newspaper clips from 1996-1997 alerting people to the impending buy back.

The gun buy back and tough national firearms legislation was introduced by the Howard Government in 1996 in response to the Port Arthur massacre, after Martin Bryant killed 35 people during a shooting spree in Tasmania's south.

A service will be held at Port Arthur on April 28 to mark the 20th anniversary of the massacre.

Changing Australia's gun laws has attracted limited political support -- despite the fact there have been no mass shootings since.

Pro-gun NSW Liberal Democrats senator David Leyonhjelm appeared in an NRA video slamming Australia as a "nation of victims".

"We love the NRA here in Australia amongst us gun owners and in fact we rely on you guys to also help us hold the line in Australia," he says in the clip.

The video, which so far has more than 18,000 views and is likely aimed at a domestic U.S. audience, has attracted furious agreement and opposition in its comments section.

"My guns were actually purchased, primarily, to oppose my Government if ever it becomes too oppressive," wrote one user, while another said: "After reading those headlines in those Australian papers, just imagine our government trying that shit. Americans would go insane with rage. Not going to happen here without a blood bath".

Yet another wrote: "Australia confiscated all guns, and it worked. No more mass shooting since the confiscation. NRA is just as bad as ISIS in terms of spreading violence. Its so sad that in US gun ownership is a right, but healthcare is a privilege. Shame on you NRA".

But perhaps the sagest comment came from a user called normanfacy:

"Watch Aussie comedian Jim Jefferies talking about gun control Lol you will love it," normfacy wrote.

We tend to agree.

Jeffries hits the mark on "gun sense" with this deadly line:

“The main [argument for guns] is ‘I need it for protection. I need to protect me. I need to protect my family.’ Really? Is that why they’re called assault rifles? Is it? Never heard of these f---ing protection rifles you speak of.”