22/01/2016 5:46 PM AEDT | Updated 28/09/2016 9:57 PM AEST

Incredible Photos Reveal Damage Of Devastating Fires In Western Australia


The fires sweeping through a small town in Western Australia destroyed more than 180 properties and took the lives of two men in early January.

And photos released this week by reveal the devastation left on the plains of Yarloop -- a town with a population just shy of 600.

The state premier Colin Barnett announced a public enquiry will be held to investigate the cause of the fires and the response from emergency services after complaints were made about the evacuation process.

Here are the incredible before and after images:

An overall view of the damage done to the town of Yarloop.

Eastcott Street, before and after.

Houses burnt to the ground on Johnston Rd.

Houses destroyed on Barrington Knight Rd.