24/01/2016 1:16 PM AEDT | Updated 28/09/2016 9:57 PM AEST

Photographers Reveal Their Most Memorable Wedding Snap

Joseph Willis

There is nothing more captivating than witnessing the love and romance of a wedding, especially when it's your best friend or loved one tying the knot. If only the mood, atmosphere and general good time vibes could be packaged up and popped in your pocket for a rainy day.

Enter the role of the photographer. They can be thanked for capturing all of those little moments that piece the special day together -- so that you can look back in years to come.

Here, four of them share their most memorable image to date.

Jacq and Tom by Joseph Willis

"This Sydney couple tied the knot in the South of France accompanied by a small number of friends and family. The whole day was incredible. I try to shoot like a ninja at most weddings and capture the moments as they happen. We were running through a castle near over 700 years old, it was pretty surreal and the shots really told that story. Revisiting the shots of Tom and Jacq together, it's clear to me, no matter the landscape or where in the world these two were, the most important thing to them was love. It was certainly a wedding to remember."

Portia and Corey by Ben Swinnerton

"Portia and Corey wed in the gardens of Werribee Mansion in Victoria, surrounded by 100 of their closest friends and family. A February wedding meant stifling heat and a thunderstorm right before the reception, which resulted in this magical shot. A lot of bride and grooms worry about rain on the big day, but the result can be simply amazing."

Zoe and Hamish by Alana Landsberry

"If I think of the most amazing and impacting on me personally it would have to be Zoe Foster and Hamish Blake. The love was genuine, electric, tangible, more infectious than anything else I've ever witnessed. You just couldn't help but feel so happy and carried away by all the romance and charm. The fun didn't stop and it was one belly laugh after another with plenty of happy tears too. A small, intimate, totally enchanted celebration."

Debra and Darren by Lauren Trompp

"I had known the bride and groom for years so it was an extremely special wedding to shoot. It was New Year's Eve and there was an epic firework display to ring in the New Year. Prior to the fireworks we captured this moment. The couple loved this creative, dark and moody shot of them walking off into the sunset. Debra's dress was beautiful to shoot and the location was absolutely stunning at The Briars Inn in Bowral."