02/02/2016 8:19 PM AEDT | Updated 15/07/2016 12:51 PM AEST

Waleed Aly Wants Australians To Hijack 'Pro-Rape Internet Troll' Campaign And #ClickSomethingElse

Outraged by the man who wants to legalise rape? Infuriated he could soon arrive in Australia? Well, don't talk about it, don't tweet it and don't Facebook it. Instead, #clicksomethingelse.

This is the advice of Waleed Aly on his adapted segment, 'Something We Shouldn't Talk About'.

The Project co-host said Australians were doing exactly what the "pro-rape internet troll" wanted by voicing their outrage and consequently raising his profile.

"Having manufactured this outrage, Roosh V uses the spotlight on him to sell books and no doubt plan his next speaking engagement where he will entertain his audience with an arrangement of words that would not be out of place were they scrawled misspelt on the back of a piss-soaked broken public toilet door."

The Project co-host told viewers the pro-rape author boasts about triggering global outrage on his website, with Australians being played by the pick-up artist.

"I know it hurts, Australia, but like everyone before us, we took the bait. A well-placed article about a planned meet up in Sydney which referenced his legal rape statement -- which, by the way, he made in February last year -- was followed by social media outrage and, like a worm eating its tail, mainstream media reported on the outrage."

"If you hate what this man-beast does, I challenge you to join me by hijacking his campaign. Instead of linking to articles about Roosh V or responding to his calculated, vile tweets which just keep him trending, I challenge you to click something else.

Aly told viewers to visit the website of a women's refuge, Lou's Place, instead.

"You have never heard of them because they don't troll people with outrageously sexist comments and they are not pumped up media hacks who give trolls like that attention," Aly said.

"They do amazing work and receive no ongoing government funding. They rely on donations from people like you. So if you really can't stand this guy, click on your online banking, punch in your digits donate some money using the details on your screen. Let's hijack everything this guy stands for. Click something else."

Within minutes of the segment, the #clicksomethingelse campaign was trending on Twitter, with many applauding to the campaign and linking to the women's refuge:

To make a donation to Lou's Place click here or make a direct deposit using the account details below.

Account Name: The Marmalade Foundation Ltd

BSB: 062 124

Account Number: 10883779

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