04/02/2016 6:34 PM AEDT | Updated 15/07/2016 12:51 PM AEST

How To Pack Make Up When You Travel (And Restore A Broken Palette)

broken up facial bronzerpowder and brush
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broken up facial bronzerpowder and brush

There's a lot that happens to your suitcase between the time you check in at the airport and collect it at the baggage carousel however many hours later -- and let's just say, it hasn't been wrapped in cotton wool.

Therefore it's important to make sure anything delicate is securely packed, including your make up.

To help you avoid nasty spills and breakages, The Huffington Post Australia asked leading make up artist Rachael Brook for her ultimate travel tips.

First up, what is the safest way to pack your make up when you're going travelling?

"I pack similar products together. I’ll stack my palettes, group loose powders, pencils, pots and liquids and especially keep nail polishes away from everything else," Brook told HuffPost Australia.

"I then pack each group into it’s own sandwich bag, or a plastic bag if a sandwich bag won’t do, and I triple wrap nail polishes. Once everything is in plastic bags I then pack it into my beauty travel bag (this one specifically).

"When it comes to particularly breakable items like eye shadow palettes, I’ll often have a thin layer of bubble wrap placed in between the shadows and the packaging for extra cushioning, and then I’ll put bubble wrap around the stack of palettes too.

"I mostly only do this on international trips, but you can never be too prepared. To take it that one step further, I cushion the entire beauty bag with my clothes and shoes to make sure it can’t move around too much in my suitcase. I’ve also had times where I’ve packed powders into my on-board luggage just to make sure it’s not being thrown around."

What do you prefer to pack your make up in? Bag, box, or make up kit?

"I personally prefer to pack everything into bags, but keep them very cushioned and packed tightly to keep movement to a minimum."

What are your make up travel essentials?

"A go-to bag that stores all of my beauty products that’s easy to carry and can fit lots of products in it.

"Also, baby wipes and multi-use products so that I always have a Plan B if something does go wrong in transit.

"In terms of products; I always love facial oils, particularly when I’m traveling, and I like to keep hand sanitiser with me too. That’s on top of all of my other everyday products and a few most likely unnecessary additions… just in case!"

Are there any things that should NOT go together in the same bag?

"The only products I’m particularly wary of keeping with others is nail polishes and self tanning products. I cannot tell you how many of them have broken in my kit, but thankfully they have only leaked over themselves and haven’t ruined any other make up.

"Most other products can be cleaned and restored although if you like to be super careful, keep your liquid products --including foundations -- in a separate compartment and again, keep them well cushioned and in separate bags."

Say the worst happens and despite your care, you smash a palette. How do you a) clean up the mess and b) restore the palette?

"Firstly, I keep baby wipes or make up remover wipes in my beauty bags at all times for moments like these. It makes it easy to wipe any mess up before it spreads further!"

"And in good news, you absolutely can restore powder products! Long story short: you need to crush up your remaining product so that its all the same consistency as the broken pieces, add drops of rubbing alcohol (and I don’t mean a mojito, it needs to be just 70 percent alcohol from an art supply/hardware store) to the product and mould it back into its packaging.

"The alcohol will eventually evaporate (in a few hours or so) leaving you with an almost good as new pressed powder bronzer!"

Any make up travel no-nos?

"Don’t throw all your products in your bag or suitcase loosely and hope for the best. Packing carefully is the key to your beauty bag and its contents arriving at each destination in one piece."