08/02/2016 6:38 PM AEDT | Updated 15/07/2016 12:51 PM AEST

Thomas Davis' Instagram Post Reveals Really, Really Gross Stitching


OK, this is your warning. This is gross. Don't read on if you have a winding bus route home.

Ready? Here we go then.

This is the arm of Thomas Davis. Davis is a veteran Carolina Panthers linebacker who didn't win Super Bowl 50, which the Denver Broncos just won. But if there was some sort of trophy for being unbelievably tough, Thomas Davis would have to get himself a great big new trophy cabinet.

Here's what we're talking about. We're about to show you the full image. Last chance to look away.


This reporter's first reaction to the above image is that the guy's arm actually looks a little like a football. This reporter's second reaction is that Davis wrote a pretty classy Instagram post. He seems like a good guy. This reporter's third, fourth and fifth reactions were:


Davis broke his arm during the Panthers NFC Championship Game win over the Arizona Cardinals two weeks ago. He had surgery the following Monday, and because of the two week gap leading in to the Super Bowl, he was able to play in the Super with a metal plate in his arm.

Australian sport has of course seen many notable instances of players taking the field -- or remaining on the field -- after sickening injuries. Most recently there was Sam Burgess in the 2014 Grand Final, who smashed his cheekbone on the first play of the game before walking off the field at halftime and declaring his cheek to be, ahem, well, just watch the video.

So now we've broken your ears as well as your eyes. Apologies for that. Have a lovely injury-free day.