13/02/2016 8:26 PM AEDT | Updated 15/07/2016 12:51 PM AEST

The Best Travel Bloggers To Follow On Snapchat

Jordan Siemens via Getty Images
A woman taking a photo while riding on a long tail boat to a tropical island in Thailand.

With more than 100 million daily active users, it's hardly surprising that Snapchat is fast becoming the social media tool of choice.

There's no messing around with status updates or captions and your friends and followers get real life updates (stories) -- in real time -- as they happen.

Of course, there is a specific art to perfecting a good "story", and these six travel bloggers seem to effortlessly master it on the daily. Each Snapchat is like a mini documentary exploring different pockets, cultures and delicious bites from all over the world.

Simply hit follow and see the world!

Priscila Sgavioli

Snapchat: @psbonvoyage

You will be immediately jealous of this Portuguese travel blogger's escapades. One week she's in Bali, the next the Swiss Alps and Capri.

Design Love Fest

Snapchat: @designlovefest

A self-confessed travel addict, Bri Emery resides in Los Angeles but can be seen roadtripping to places like Texas or flying over to Tulum at the drop of a hat.

Aida Mollenkamp

Snapchat: @aida_mollenkamp

The founder of travel and food blog Salt and Wind, Aida is a California native but wastes no time adventuring through farmer’s markets in Tel Aviv and eating her way through Rome.

Gillie Houston

Snapchat: @gillieh

OK, not quite worldwide but New York resident, Gillie is worth a follow for her mouth-watering documentation of every single meal she eats in the Big Apple. Think: truffle filled pasta, peanut butter and jam poptarts with vanilla almond butter. You get the picture.

Getting Stamped Travel Blog

Snapchat: @gettingstampedtravelblog

Hannah has put her career as a tax auditor on hold while she travels around the world. She offers up extremely entertaining airport lounge commentary while flying between places like Minneapolis and Cancun.

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