15/02/2016 2:52 PM AEDT | Updated 15/07/2016 12:51 PM AEST

Axis Of Awesome Comedian Comes Out As Trans In Powerful Video


Jordan Raskopoulos is the leader of Aussie musical comedy group Axis Of Awesome. You probably know them from their famous "four chord song" skit.

Today, Jordan came out as trans in a powerful Youtube clip that has drawn huge praise and support from fans.

In a video titled "what happened to Jordan's beard?" Jordan explains how and why her once-famous bushy beard disappeared.

"I am transgender. No shit. That's right, I'm a girl," Jordan says bluntly.

"Gender dysphoria is something I can remember dealing with ever since I was a kid, but I learnt early on to be ashamed of it and keep it a secret... but towards the end of 2014, whilst we were on tour in the UK, I reached a point where I couldn't deny it anymore. Sitting by myself in a hotel room, I decided if I wanted a shot at a happy life and a happy future, I needed to transition."

Jordan said she came out to family and friends in 2014, and began the transition process in March 2015.

"I am so much happier," she said.

"I'm going to carry on doing what I love, and enjoy every minute of it. In fact, I think it's really important that I do. Because being trans doesn't mean you have to give up on your life, or your family or your friends or your career or your achievements. I'm going to continue doing exactly what I was doing before, and I'm going to be f***ing awesome."

Jordan said she kept her original name, but has new middle names 'Nicola Bridget'. She also revealed she had been writing a series of articles about her transition on the website Junkee since February 2015, under the pseudonym Nicola Fierce.

The news drew big support from the group's Facebook fans.

"This is wonderful in about 15 different ways. Creative teams that support each other. Awesome indeed. Jordan, you are being true to yourself," wrote one fan.

"Jordan, this was f***ing brave, and for that, my respect for the AOA and yourself has shot through the roof. Be yourself and we will love you the same as we always have," said another.

"Well done Jordan, you're a great role model and an amazing person. So glad you could feel comfortable enough to tell your story to others," said another fan.

The Axis of Awesome released a new album on Monday (February 15) and will be touring the country in support of it.