15/02/2016 10:51 PM AEDT | Updated 15/07/2016 12:51 PM AEST

Telstra Users Download 1,841 Terabytes In Data Free-For-All Following Network Crash

golero via Getty Images
bearded father and two daughters on sofa looking together at mobiles

5.1 million Game of Thrones episodes. 2.3 million movies. 23 million downloads of Kanye's new album The Life Of Pablo. They're all about 1,841 terabytes -- the same amount of free data Telstra users across the country clocked up in just one day.

The data free-for-all came after the network crashed on Tuesday when a node managing voice and data traffic was poorly handled by a worker, leaving Telstra users across the country without internet or reception on their phones for hours.

The malfunction was fixed by close of business with the red-faced service provider apologising and offering its customers free data usage for the entire 24 hours on Sunday.

And when the clock struck midnight Telstra customers made hay while the worldwide web's sun shined, for free.

In a statement released on Tuesday, Telstra Managing Director Mike Wright claimed traffic reached "weekday peak traffic levels by 8am".

"Over the course of the day we had twice as much traffic as we would normally see on a Sunday (or any day)," Wright said.

"We hope it helps make up for some of the inconvenience we caused."

With Kanye's new album released on Tidal the same day we wouldn't blame you for thinking Telstra was the new Adidas. Another Yeezy collaboration, perhaps?