19/02/2016 1:24 PM AEDT | Updated 15/07/2016 12:51 PM AEST

A Mesmerising Video That Illustrates The Impact Of Groomed Brows

Video by Tom Compagnoni

Who knew that two small clumps of hair could be so important?

Eyebrows have been through alot throughout history, believe it or not. The ancient Egyptians darkened theirs with minerals, while women throughout the Middle Ages pulled out their lashes and brows (!) to emphasise their foreheads -- the most important feature.

Fast forward to the 1920s-30s and brows were thin and straight -- causing everyone to look a bit 'over it', regardless of their real emotions.

In the 1940s brows were still thin, but arched. A softer look came back in during the 50s, and bold brows were back for a few decades. When the 1980s hit, they were bushier than ever (Hello, Brooke Shields).

Enter the 1990s and the tadpole shape was all the rage (we shudder to remember), before bold brows came back, again, in the 2000s. Phew!

"Bold brows have been a trend for quite a while now," Kristin Fisher of Kristin Fisher Eyebrows told The Huffington Post Australia."

"In fact, thicker, fuller brows are now the norm -- or at least the goal -- rather than a trend."

"If you're not naturally blessed with big, bushy brows, don't stress. There are plenty of ways to visually make brows appear fuller. Having them tinted when you next get them waxed will make them look fuller and more defined. For a more permanent approach, there's feather touch eyebrow tattooing," Fisher said.

"For day to day, fill in any gaps and fill out brows overall with a brow powder. They're easier to use for beginners than pencils and the result is more natural, "Fisher said.

Keep unruly hairs in place with a clear brow mascara.

In terms of how often you should have your brows shaped, it comes down to how thick and dark they are and how fast your hair grows.

"I have some clients that come fortnightly as their hair grows quickly and their brow quickly loses shape, however other clients come once a month as their shape is more easily maintained," Fisher said.