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These Very Cute White Tiger Cubs Now Call Australia Home

Say hello to Australia's newest and cutest citizens.

The 15-week-old white tiger cubs arrived in Brisbane on Tuesday, all the way from Japan, and the pair will be calling Dreamworld home from now on.

The ridiculously cute additions to the Dreamworld zoo don't have names yet, but they will become adopted sisters to seven-month-old cub Kai and his siblings Adira and Akasha, now 11 weeks, all born at the park as part of the Tiger Island conservation breeding program.

Dreamworld CEO Craig Davidson said the arrival of the two cubs came in light of Dreamworld’s long standing conservation partnership with Hirakawa Zoo near Tokyo.

“The director of Hirakawa Zoo kindly offered these beautiful cubs born at Hirakawa as part of their in-house conservation program to help Dreamworld build the sustainability of the gene pool at Tiger Island," Davidson said.

The cubs will be in quarantine but on display at Dreamworld from Friday until mid-March, when they join their adopted siblings and the rest of the tigers at the Dreamworld zoo.

No more words needed - just photos. Enjoy.

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