19/02/2016 8:08 AM AEDT | Updated 15/07/2016 12:51 PM AEST

Giant Tumbleweeds Overtake Aussie Country Town Wangaratta

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It's the oft-told joke about country towns: they have main streets so quiet, all you see is tumbleweeds.

But for this Australian town, the tumbleweeds have invaded at such a rate that residents' homes are being swamped.

The tumbleweeds, known as hairy panic grass, are piling up at one street in the north-east Victorian town of Wangaratta and resident Jason Perna told ABC News it was getting out of hand.

“Walked out the front door this morning to find a good six-metre spread of tumbleweed across the front of the house -- again," he said.

“It makes it difficult to get the car out in the morning -- if you can find it.”

Cheryl Lengrand told Channel 7 it was coming in as fast as she could sweep it away.

"I spent eight hours yesterday cleaning up the tumbleweed and this is what I’ve got today," she said.

TONIGHT: It looks like the wild west but it's actually an estate at Wangaratta. Dozens of homes have been overrun with tumbleweed, forcing angry residents to spend up to 8 hours every day cleaning it up.

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The grass grows wild on farmland and Wangaratta Council is reportedly investigating why it has become increasingly problematic.

Hairy panic grass goes by the scientific name 'Panicum effusum' and is a perennial grass with tufted, hairy nodes that can travel on the wind.

It's a native grass and the Department of Primary Industries says it "regenerates rapidly".

You can say that again.