25/02/2016 11:14 AM AEDT | Updated 15/07/2016 12:51 PM AEST

‘Jalal Brothers' Investigated By Victoria Police Following Terror Stunt Videos

A trio of brothers, known for staging hoax terror attacks around Melbourne, have appeared under police custody this morning.

Victoria Police have confirmed that the three men, aged 20, 18 and 16, presented themselves at the Crime Command Complex around 8:35.

“Counter Terrorism Command detectives have executed a warrant this morning in South Morang,” Victoria Police told HuffPost Australia.

Known as the ‘Jalal brothers,’ the men are behind a series of online videos that depict fake bombings and shootings, in an attempt to make fun of social attitudes towards Middle Eastern people.

The trio have 1.8 million followers on Facebook.

In their most recent clip, the comedy trio fired a replica semi-automatic gun out of a car window, causing a man and his young daughter to flee.

The brothers have appeared in a series of media interviews, most recently on Channel Ten’s The Project on Wednesday night.

Host Waleed Aly pressed the trio on the controversial skit after they claimed they did not mean to target the young girl in the prank and later apologised.

“You’re trying to create a scenario that makes people immediately think they are in the midst of a terrorist attack, that’s the basis of the whole thing,” Aly said.

"Given that ... isn't it pretty damn irresponsible to ... make people think they are in the middle of a terrorist attack? The idea of a shooting like that and a terrorist attack like that is not a hypothetical, fictional idea right now. It's one that is very real."

Group member, Max Jalal’s response: "That scene was pretty irresponsible, yes."

According to Victoria Police, the men are currently in custody assisting with the enquiries and are under warrants related to an ongoing operation.

“It’s deplorable behaviour as I’ve seen it on the internet -- absolutely horrid behaviour running around trying to terrorise members of the community dressed up in what they perceive terrorists look like,” Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton told 3AW’s Neil Mitchell this morning.

“My view on that is we will charge them on whatever they can be charged with because this behaviour is just a ridiculous display and we don’t want to encourage it in any way shape or form.”

Mr Ashton said the trio could lose any profits they made if it is found that a crime occurred.

The trio also appeared on 3AW on Wednesday, defending the videos and vowing to "tone it down".