27/02/2016 3:23 AM AEDT | Updated 27/02/2016 3:59 AM AEDT

Oscars Mean Tweets Own George Clooney, Jessica Chastain And More Celebs

And just in time for the Oscars!

Now we'd like to clarify that we love every version of Jimmy Kimmel's "Mean Tweets" segments, but it's safe to say this movie edition is the best one yet.

In a new video, the host gets A-listers to read some of the funniest and meanest tweets about them from the Twitterverse. From "gross ratty old man" George Clooney to "annoying little fart" Kevin Hart to "uggo" Cate Blanchett, it seems like nobody is safe in this round of hilarious tweets.

And since the Oscars are coming up on Feb. 28, it's nice to see some of our favourite actors and actresses get fierce with their comebacks — we're talking about you Taraji P. Henson. Watch the full video above.


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