01/03/2016 4:01 PM AEDT | Updated 15/07/2016 12:51 PM AEST

Oscars Red Carpet: Roger Federer Did A Tequila Slammer. Because He's Roger Federer


He hasn't won a grand slam since 2012, but Roger Federer will make do with a tequila slammer, thanks very much.

The 17 time Grand Slam singles winner is known for his beautiful shotmaking, but has he ever nailed a shot as perfectly as this one?

The Swiss has been away from tennis since he tore his meniscus -- which is one of those fiddly bits in your knee -- the day after he lost in the Australian Open semi finals to eventual champ Novak Djokovic.

He'll be back on court soon. Meantime, he was having a lovely old time at the Oscars, where he also attended a very fancy party or two. Anyway, there he was ambling up the red carpet, when a gold-jacketed reporter offered him a tipple.

Seems like wherever Fed went on Oscars night, he was standing next to someone in gold.

The tequila-giver was Guiillermo Rodriquez, a Mexican-American talk show personality who is now a regular on the Jimmy Kimmel Show. It's doubtful that Federer knew who he was, but hey, who says no to a little liquid refreshment before a drawn-out awards ceremony?

"Getting back to number one. It starts like that," Federer said as he wiped his mouth. "That was a strong one."

Federer, 34, will need to be a strong one himself if he's to topple Novak Djokovic from the world number one crown. Djokovic currently has 11 slams to his name. It is understood that Federer's Oscars effort will not add to his official slam count. But it probably should.