02/03/2016 1:57 PM AEDT | Updated 15/07/2016 12:51 PM AEST

Candide Thovex: One Of Those Days 3 Is The Ski Video Every Aussie Will Relate To


If you've ever skied one of those typical Aussie ski slopes where the snow runs out halfway down and you're forced to navigate a perilous narrow trail of man-made snow to the bottom, you'll relate to this.

If you like cool stuff, you'll also love it. The video is called One of Those Days 3, and it's the latest instalment of awesome from French freeskier Candide Thovex. See you in four minutes and 49 seconds.

Most ski videos are a bit samey. Even if you're not into the snow, you've no doubt seen the dude-skis-down-impossibly-steep-slope video, the dude-does-ridiculous-jumps video and the dude-just-about-drowns-in-deep-powder-snow video.

They were probably playing on a screen in the back of the pub or somewhere, right? Right. And they had the same music, the same dude speak and the same level of stokedness from the protagonists.

As you've hopefully just seen, Thovex's videos are different. Firstly they are silent. You hear only air and swishing and the thud of his skis on slopes. Here's his first.

Secondly, these videos are all shot from a headcam mounted on his helmet. These videos are about feeling what Thovex feels, seeing what he sees. You never see Thovex's face, just as we never see our own faces when we're in the outdoors.

But what really sets this unique series of videos apart is the humour. It's very French humour, which is cheeky but loveable.

In One Of Those Days 2, Thovex uses a chairlift off-ramp as a kicker jump to surprise this pair of skiers.

Mais Monsieur, Qu’est-ce que vous faites???

In the latest vid, he steals a horse. As you generally don't.

Mon Dieu, il a volé un cheval!!!

Which takes him to a very unsnowy bit of slope lower down the mountain. Does he stop skiing there? He does not. Does he stop his trademark twists and flips despite the rather significant matter of almost no snow? Again no.

Thovex, 33, is a former competitive mogul and freestyle skier who won gold at the X Games way back when he was 18. For snow sports folk, the X Games is the next biggest thing after the Olympics. But his heart was never really into competition, especially after he fractured a vertebrae in 2007.

Since then it's been all about freesking and film making. Thovex says nothing in any of his videos. He lets them to do the talking. Although much time is invested in building jumps and snowy strips on grassy spring slopes, there are no special effects. His videos are refreshing, real and a really fun ride.

He says so little, they actually made a movie about him called "Few Words". You can watch it on YouTube.

Thovex grew up in La Clusaz in the French alps and films the bulk of his videos there. If, like this reporter, you're into the snow and want to know more about La Clusaz, this blog is a great starting point.

Oh, and he skied in Australia once. Here's the one pic we found. Perhaps that's where he first learned the delicate art of skiing on a mixture of mud, snow and grass.

When Candide Thovex came down under, he saw us that way too.