03/03/2016 8:39 AM AEDT | Updated 15/07/2016 12:51 PM AEST

The Longest Flight In The World Is Now Emirates' Auckland To Dubai, Beating Qantas' Sydney To Dallas

GraphicaArtis via Getty Images
Vintage illustration of a mother and daughter asleep in their reclining seats on an overnight flight, while the captain makes sure they are comfortable (screen print), 1956. (Photo by GraphicaArtis/Getty Images)

The longest flight in the world no longer leaves from Australia. While we're still a bloody long way from much of the world's travel destinations, there's one country a little further afield -- New Zealand.

Previously Qantas operated the longest flight in the world between Sydney and Dallas/Fort Worth at 13,802 km and about 15 hours, 30 minutes.

This week, United Arab Emirates did one better with a flight from Auckland to Dubai at 14,193km and about 17 hours. And what's worse, chances are the majority of passengers will transfer to yet another flight from Dubai.

How does 17 hours in one claustrophobic metal cabin feel? Well, quite good, according to a New Zealand Herald journalist who is currently live blogging the trip:

The flight won't be the longest in the world for long, however, because plans are reportedly underway for a new flight from Panama to Dubai, taking about 17 hours and 30 minutes, also operated by Emirates.

Suddenly, Sydney to Noosa seems like a good idea.