06/03/2016 3:21 PM AEDT | Updated 15/07/2016 12:51 PM AEST

Rosie Waterland Is Brave, Not For Posting A Nude Pic, But For Asking People To Foster Children

Rosie Waterland’s Opera House talk on ‘How To Be Yourself’ was always going to mention that nude photo.

The comedian this year wrote a defiant post about why her body was not holding her back from success, despite the fact it was not conventionally flawless.

The post was accompanied by a nude photo and, as she told the sell-out crowd at the All About Women Festival, madness ensued. Her naked body was a nationally trending topic of conversation.

“I thought I’d written an articulate and well thought out critique of female body image,” Waterland said.

“It sort of didn’t matter what I wrote because people were telling each other what I meant to say.”

Many women were calling Waterland ‘brave’, which, she said, was a veiled code for ‘your body is ugly but you’re showing it anyway.'

“No one calls Miranda Kerr brave when she does it,” Waterland said.

“I’d rather they tell me to put it away because I’m too sexy.”

But bravery is something she has in spades. Her sisters were present for her talk, and she spoke about how the foster system was not positive for them.

“It’s not often someone comes through the foster system and is in the public eye,” she said.

When an attendant asked what could be done to support families like hers, where her dad was schizophrenic and her mum battled addiction, her answer came: “Foster a child”.

She said she and her sisters needed quality foster homes and they didn’t find them, so if people could foster a child, she asked them to please do so.