08/03/2016 6:34 PM AEDT | Updated 15/07/2016 12:51 PM AEST

Elizabeth Broderick To Take Male Champions Of Change Global In UN Senior Advisor Role

Fairfax Media via Getty Images
(AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND OUT) Federal Sex Discrimination Commissioner, Elizabeth Broderick, photographed in Sydney. (Photo by Fairfax Media via Getty Images)

Former Sex Discrimination Comissioner Elizabeth Broderick has announced she will be taking the Male Champions of Change global as she steps up to a senior advisor role in the United Nations.

The Male Champions of Change, which Broderick founded five years ago in her role as Sex Discrimination Commissioner, unites men who hold power and influence in Australia to advocate for and improve gender diversity within the biggest organisations around the nation -- and now the world.

Broderick told The Huffington Post Australia the group has grown from six men to more than 100. With the announcement of a global extension, the organisation will only continue to grow.

"We're taking it on steroids," Broderick told the ABC's Fran Kelly on Tuesday morning, before flying to New York to lead a two day summit at the United Nations.

“At the moment I’m stepping up as a senior advisor in the UN to help the UN better engage with the private sector,” Broderick told Kelly.

“Over this week when I’ll be in the United Nations, there will be companies from all over the world who are working hard to create more gender diverse organisations.

"We will give a number of leadership awards to CEOs who are really doing great work, and share strategies, share ideas about what’s working, what interventions are not working and what we can learn from that as a collective."

Since ending her eight year tenure as Sex Discrimination Commissioner in September, Broderick has taken on a handful of advisory roles while sitting on the Australian Rugby Union Board and Australian Defence Force Gender Equality Board.

"I'm doing a number of things, all of which I'm loving," Broderick told HuffPost Australia.

"I've also stepped up beside the Commissioner of the Australian Federal Police, Andrew Colvin, to really take some of the skills I learnt in working with the military into the police force and help create an organisation which is truly representative of Australian society."

In September, Broderick was also appointed Co-Chair of the UN Global Compact's Women's Empowerment Principles Leadership Group.