23/03/2016 3:53 PM AEDT | Updated 15/07/2016 12:51 PM AEST

One Man, His Suit And 9 Countries In 5 Days... All In The Name Of Fashion

It’s no secret Aussie men scrub up particularly well in a suit.

But to prove it further and reveal the sturdiness that is Australian wool, menswear label M.J. Bale flew a male model around the world to nine countries in five days -- all without sleep -- to put one suit to the ultimate test of resilience.

The experiment comes as new research from the brand reveals Australian businessmen travel up to eight hours longer than their international counterparts.

Starting in Sydney, the unsuspecting model, Tom Bull turned up to what he believed was the campaign shoot for the label’s Autumn/Winter line, only to be told it would actually be taking place in London.

The brand's mission was to illustrate that no matter how hard a man wears one of their suits, whether crushed or packed (or slept in or cycled in) the wool ensures it remains flawless in shape and wear.

Obviously, great news for men on long haul business flights -- and also the non-travelers -- who, on the odd occasion remain fully dressed come bedtime after one too many Friday night work drinks.

From Bangkok to Dubai and beyond.

More than 20,000 kilometres later, the rather bleary-eyed model joined his fellow, fresh-looking London-based models on the Thames river to shoot the campaign.

The result? An immaculate suit with a very similar resemblance to what it had when it left Sydney. The poor model, on the other hand, does appear a little broken.

The things we do for fashion.

The final destination.