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Turnbull's 'Continuity And Change' Slogan Is Ripped Straight From TV Show 'Veep'

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Malcolm Turnbull seems to have ripped his new slogan straight from the political satirical comedy 'Veep.'

A new slogan has emerged since Monday's news that an early election is almost certainly on the cards; "Continuity and Change," to denote that the government will be campaigning on its old achievements (around "stopping the boats) as well as the new hopes and visions of the Turnbull administration (innovation, technology, tax reform and the rest).

Unfortunately, another politician got to the "Continuity with Change" line first. Even more unfortunately, it was Selina Meyer; the fictional politician played by Seinfeld star Julia Louis-Dreyfus in the political satire Veep, who uses the phrase in her presidential campaign. It was pointed out on Twitter on Monday night:

"Continuity and change" has been trotted out in several interviews by Turnbull and other government ministers in the last day.

It comes after former PM Tony Abbott told Sky News, "It's very easy for me to campaign for the election of the Turnbull Government because the Turnbull Government is running on the Abbott government's record."

In an effort to distance himself from Abbott, Turnbull began working on the "Continuity and Change" theme.

"Of course, I was part of his government, part of his Cabinet but there is also a great deal of change. So, as you go from one Liberal prime minister to another, you have continuity and you have change and there has been a lot of change," he told 7.30 on Monday night.

"The bottom line is there is continuity and there is change," Turnbull told ABC Radio on Tuesday.

Others noticed the similarities, too:

The critically acclaimed Veep tracks the political life of U.S. Vice President (hence, "veep") Selina Meyers, who mounts a bid for the presidency. "Continuity with Change" is one of her campaign slogans.

Louis-Dreyfus was featured on the WNYC podcast recently, where she spoke about how the political reality had begun to resemble the fictional universe of 'Veep.'

"When this show started, it was political satire. Now it feels like a sombre documentary," she said, as satire became reality.

Continuity with Change. Thanks for supporting Team Meyer, Veeple.

Posted by VEEP on Wednesday, 10 June 2015

There's never been a less exciting time to be Malcolm Turnbull's political slogans. Since his "never been a more exciting time to be an Australian" line was criticised by Labor for being included in his 'Innovation Boom' advertisements -- and allegedly breaching advertising guidelines -- the favoured phrase has been sidelined.