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Hostage Gets Photo With EgyptAir Hijacker And Then Claims It's The 'Best Selfie Ever'

What do you do when you're held hostage on a plane by a man with explosives strapped to his chest?

Take a selfie, apparently. Wait, really?

Well, yes, that's what 26-year-old Ben Innes did on Tuesday when Seif Eldin Mustafa hijacked EgyptAir flight MSR181. Mustafa forced the plane, which was bound from Alexandria to Cairo, to land in Cyprus which you can read more about here.

While most of the 62 passengers were released on the tarmac, Innes was one of the seven hostages to remain on board while Mustafa demanded to see his former wife.

Innes, a British man who reportedly works in health and safety, thought he'd make the most of waiting around and get a cheeky snap with the hijacker.

“I got one of the cabin crew to translate for me and asked him if I could do a selfie with him," Innes told The Sun.

“He just shrugged OK so I stood by him and smiled for the camera while a stewardess did the snap. It has to be the best selfie ever.”

Innes also said the photo opportunity allowed him to take a closer look at the explosives, which were later found to be fake.

“I figured if his bomb was real I’d nothing to lose anyway," Innes said.

Innes sent the photo to some mates while he was still on the plane -- reportedly saying "your boy doesn't f*** about! Turn on the news lad!!"-- while he text his mother, who obviously didn't take the news so calmly.

“My mum was obviously frantic with worry and kept telling me not to do anything to draw attention to myself," Innes said.

"I didn’t know how to tell her I’d already done a selfie with the hijacker.”

And what is now bothering Innes' mother, Pauline, is everyone calling the photo a 'selfie'.

"All we can say is that the picture is clearly not a selfie as everyone has been describing it," said Pauline.

"You can clearly see that it is not Ben who is taking the picture. He's in it but he's not taking it."

After a six-hour stand off, Mustafa eventually let the four foreigners and crew members off the plane before surrendering to authorities.

Following the ordeal an Egyptian Foreign Ministry official said "he's not a terrorist, he's an idiot".

"Terrorists are crazy but they aren't stupid. This guy is."

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