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April Fools Day: Gold Coast Creates Bogus 'Weather Protection Unit', Cops Deputise Animals And More

Trust nobody -- as April Fools Day sweeps across the globe with the sun, we Australians become the harbinger of nonsense soon to hit the Northern Hemisphere.

This morning we've had bogus anti-NZ weather cops, lame Justin Bieber jockey news, a beer-for-water scheme and police initiatives to deputise magpies and pigs.

Yep, today is the day to trust nobody and nothing you read on the internet.

Trust nobody.

Let's start with the Kiwis.

Gold Coast Tourism has created a video series about their new Weather Protection Unit that patrols airports to stop New Zealanders from taking the weather with them.

While we're on the police beat, some jokester is makin' bacon down in Tassie.

Who doesn't love a pig in uniform? What a Babe...

Police are today announcing the use of sniffer pigs as part of our drug detection capability.With pigs commonly...

Posted by Tasmania Police on Thursday, March 31, 2016

Then there's the NSW boys in blue with plans to get help from their black-and-white bird bretheren.

Recruits hope to become fully-fledged crime fighters In an Australian first, the NSW Police Force is exploring the...

Posted by NSW Police Force on Thursday, March 31, 2016

As for animals, an acclaimed wildlife photographer discovered three alarming new Aussie species.

You can see more 'new' animals at DesignCrowd.

Over at the CSIRO, the national science research centre proved it wasn't too formal to have some fun, trying out a new name and logo, because, yolo.

We’re trialling our new name and logo - Ye Olde Lescience Organisation

Posted by CSIRO on Thursday, March 31, 2016

Next up, this horseplay is definitely lame -- Punters announced Justin Bieber would try his hand at jockeying for the Queen.

Australian Turf Club, what do you mean?!#Unbeliebable

Posted by on Thursday, March 31, 2016

Some April Fools Day jokes have to be analysed a little more, like Sydney newspaper The Manly Daily, which has a suspicious story about a call from the Institute for Family Welfare forcing all children to be strapped with GoPros while they play on council equipment.

There's also a cheeky statement from Liberal Democrats NSW senator David Leyonhjelm announcing he'd have a hearing at the Advertising Standards Bureau today to rule on whether the use of the name liberal by the Liberal Party was misleading.

But enough about things you don't care about, here's the post that's riling gelato-loving Sydneysiders up:

Due to circumstances beyond our control, and for reasons associated with recent changes in the NSW State Government '...

Posted by Gelato Messina on Thursday, March 31, 2016

Say it isn't true!

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