09/04/2016 11:35 AM AEST | Updated 15/07/2016 12:51 PM AEST

Motivational Speaker Sebastian Terry Spreads His ‘100 Things' Message to TV

Author, motivational speaker and now TV host Sebastian Terry first hit media headlines when he created his '100 Things' website and book as a way to tick off his wish list. Run with the bulls? Check. Skydive naked -- Check. Complete a triathlon -- Check. Raise $250,000 for charity -- Check.

Terry insists '100 Things' is not a bucket list; it is a wish list he created to give more meaning to his life after losing a close friend.

But Terry's journey hit a nerve with thousands of people and, before he was even halfway through his list, he was approached by strangers asking him to help them with their own '100 Things'.

Now, he is dedicating his life to helping complete strangers, from all over the world, check items off their lists.

“People saw my journey as a spark of hope, or a forum to reach out and say, ‘I need help.’ So I reacted to those people and helped them achieve their dreams," Terry said.

Sebastian Terry: one thing on his 100 Things list was to stay silent for a week.

Terry is in demand globally as a motivational speaker. Those attending his talks are always very moved when he speaks about the first person he helped -- a man who became a quadriplegic after being bitten by a tick and contracting lyme disease.

“Mark Rostoks had seen me talking about '100 Things' on a television show and came up with his own '100 Things', asking me to help him achieve the first thing on his list -- he asked me to shave his head.

"So I flew to Melbourne to meet him and shaved his head, something that made him very happy. The next thing on Mark’s list was doing a half-marathon. So I said, ‘I can help you.’ So I pushed him in the half-marathon and, while we didn't win, it was the best thing I've ever done. Just helping someone get over the finish line was an incredible feeling," Terry said.

Sebastian Terry is in demand globally as a motivational speaker.

Terry's journey was noticed by a team of US producers who have created the '100 Things' TV show. The series follows Terry as he travels around the globe helping complete strangers tick items off of their ultimate to-do lists. Each episode sees Terry help a deserving person he's never met before achieve their personal goal.

Terry told The Huffington Post Australia he believes most people are ultimately good and want to help others.

"I have a belief that in order to help people, you need to help yourself first. I like to use the analogy of the oxygen mask on a plane: put yours on first before helping others. With my journey, I was lacking purpose and drive, I was doing all these things that were largely self indulgent. But now that’s crucial because now I've got my oxygen mask on and I'm far more able to help others," Terry said.

Sebastian Terry.

"Helping other people helps complete your circle but it is so important to help yourself first . I see a lot of people forget about themselves and only help others thinking that that will be the magic cure for happiness -- and it's not. Look after yourself first, then you'll be in a great position to help others."

Terry is currently developing an APP that will match people who have a dream with people who can make it happen.

Items still on Terry's '100 Things' list:

18. Hit a Hole in One

37. Be a Horse Jockey

45. Sumo Wrestling

47. Go to Timbuktu

49. Be a Weaponless & Harmless Matador

57. Cross a Desert

68. Invent Something

76. Surf River Wave

81. Make a London Guard Laugh