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Dietitians Reveal How They Curb A Sugar Craving

Green nail hand holding bitten chocolate cake.
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Green nail hand holding bitten chocolate cake.

curb a sugar craving

Having the willpower to turn down a red velvet cupcake probably means you fall into the camp of people who can replace Tim Tams with Kombucha.

If you fall into the other camp, however, where giving in to sugar is almost as regular as your morning coffee habit, chances are it’s time to tackle the cause of your craving, not simply the symptom.

“Think about why are you experiencing sugar cravings in the first place. Are you drinking enough water? Or perhaps you might be depriving yourself of essential carbs,” accredited practising dietitian Katherine Baqleh told The Huffington Post Australia.

Other things to consider include whether your diet might be lacking in satiating proteins or healthy fats like olive oil or avocado, which work to suppress appetite and cravings.

While obvious, Baqleh urges the importance of not skipping meals as this ultimately is what will safeguard you from reaching for a snack.

“Enjoy regular meals and if you’re hungry between meals choose a healthy snack such as wholegrain crackers with avocado or peanut butter, a boiled egg, fruit, veggie sticks or yoghurt,” Baqleh said.

But as we know, sometimes carrot sticks just don’t cut it -- and no matter what you try (gulping down litres of water, a green tea etc.) the office bikkie jar keeps floating into your thoughts -- and that’s okay.

“Savouring a small treat occasionally when you have a genuine craving will stop you feeling deprived and will control the number of future sugar cravings,” Baqleh said.

Melanie McGrice, accredited practising dietitian agrees listening to your body and actually eating the sugar isn’t the worst thing. After all, we’re all human.

McGrice also recommends some physical activity when a craving strikes.

Zoe Bingley-Pullin, nutritionist and founder of Falling in Love with Food agrees stepping outside for some fresh air can also help.

"Brief stints of exercise can be used to lift energy and mood warding off sugar cravings," Bingley-Pullin told HuffPost Australia.

Alternatively, opt for a liquid snack.

“Have a hot chocolate. Try to look for one that is largely cocoa powder -- without any added sugar,” McGrice told HuffPost Australia.

1. Have a slice of toast with jam

grain toast with jam

2. Fruit and nuts

“Always carry fruit and nuts with you to enjoy when the craving strikes. Combining these with Greek yoghurt will satisfy the sweet spot,” Baqleh said.

3. Wholegrain crackers with avocado or peanut butter

avocado cracker

These contain healthy fats that will keep you fuller for longer.

4. Sprinkle Milo over a tub of natural yoghurt

yoghurt cocoa

5. Sugar-free gum

“Chewing gum between meals can deter cravings,” Baqleh said.

6. Handful of blueberries


"Drizzle some nut butter and coconut flakes on top for an easy, yummy snack," Bingley-Pullin said.

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