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UNSW Is Investigating Following 'Appalling' Chant By Baxter College Students

Students at the University of New South Wales' Baxter College have apologised following the release of video footage of them chanting a sexually explicit and degrading song about women.

The chant -- which included lyrics calling women "holes in the road" and saying that they would like to "fill them with my load" -- was sung on a bus during a regular 'Boys' Night Out' organised by the college students.

It is understood that two of the young men, shocked at what was happening, captured the video in order to expose the sexist behaviour. One man can be heard saying "What the f*** man?" as the students continue to chant, and someone at the end of the footage says "I'm posting this on the Facebook page".

Watch the full video here:

WARNING: This video contains sexually explicit language.

WARNING: Graphic language and adult content.Students from Baxter College at the University of New South Wales chant an offensive song on their annual 'Boys Night Out'.The college has since issued an apology for the 'sexist and misogynistic' chant:

Posted by 7.30 on Monday, April 11, 2016

Speaking on ABC's 7:30 on Tuesday night, the house treasurer of Baxter College, James Dunn, condemned his participation in the chant, saying he had "no idea why [he] did it".

"The video is pretty appalling," he told 7.30.

"I'm sort of condemning my own actions at this time, and the actions of everyone in the video."

The UNSW has issued a statement saying that it is investigating the incident and has held meetings with college residents, members of the Student Representative Council and the UNSW SRC Women's Collective.

A spur-of-the-moment protest was held on UNSW grounds today as a response to the leaked footage.

The protest, promoted by the UNSW Student Representative Council, saw both female and male students gather to hear speakers from UNSW SRC and hold up signs reading 'Respect', 'End rape culture!' and 'Zero tolerance at UNSW'. They then formed a giant 'R' on the campus grass to signify 'Respect'.

Amazing to see so many UNSW students standing up for women on campus.And a large contingent of students from UNSW...

Posted by Student Representative Council UNSW on Monday, April 11, 2016

In a statement, the Baxter College students apologised for their "sexist and misogynistic" behaviour.

"The words pronounced are in no way an indication of the values that Phillip Baxter College adheres to, but the mere fact that we have sung them is enough to tarnish the integrity of every resident."

The statement also said that there would be increased education within the college on "this very prevalent societal issue."

However, other students have since spoken out about the prevalence of these chants and other similarly objectifying behaviours.

The women's officer at the UNSW SRC, Jocelyn Dracakis, told ABC's 7:30 that such incidents were becoming increasingly common and the organisers of social events had been known to confiscate mobile phones to stop video footage being released.

In a survey released in February by the National Tertiary Education Union, over 70% of female respondents said that they had experienced some form of sexual harassment while studying.

The UNSW SRC Women's Collective, who were involved in Tuesday's protest rally, also issued a statement, labelling the chant "degrading" and saying that the lyrics "objectify women and glorify acts of rape".

"We are working together to ensure that appropriate action is being taken against the students involved. We take all incidences of sexism, misogyny and sexual harassment extremely seriously," the statement continued.

"The Women's Collective believes that this type of behaviour speaks to persisting attitudes within universities and society at large, which perpetuate a culture that is degrading to women and normalise acts of sexual assault and gendered violence.

The Women's Collective is a UNSW student body which aims to increase the representation of women in the Student Representative Council and raise awareness about issues which affect women.

This is the full apology issued by the Phillip Baxter College students:

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