14/04/2016 1:14 PM AEST | Updated 15/07/2016 12:51 PM AEST

6 Reasons Why Venturing Overseas Will Make You Smarter

Yasuhide Fumoto via Getty Images
Toy car with luggages on the globe.

Living abroad for a time in your life can be scary, particularly if you're moving to a new place where you know no one. Add to that a foreign language and the apprehension might be enough to make you stay safely at home.

But pushing through the fear and taking the leap can pay off, big time.

For one, an experiment conducted by an Indiana University found that people who traveled abroad used more creative and intelligent solutions to solve problems. You'll also awaken creativity, increase productivity, improve your cognitive skills and increase your earning potential (a study found that those who immersed themselves in multicultural environments were offered more jobs than those who had never lived abroad).

If you need more excuses to travel (or proof that you'll gain much more than holiday snaps), check out the below Infographic. It's all proven by science!

Infographic supplied from worktheworld