16/04/2016 11:40 AM AEST | Updated 15/07/2016 12:51 PM AEST

The Katering Show Is Back With A Deliciously Funny Second Season(ing)

If you haven't caught the first season of 'The Katering Show' yet, it's time to do yourself a serious flavour.

Starring Aussie comedians Kate McCartney and Kate McLennan, the web series tackled all that we love (and hate) about cooking shows, with the intolerable foodie McLennan and her food intolerant friend McCartney acting as not-always-reliable hosts.

The first season saw the pair take aim at 'I Quit Sugar' founder Sarah Wilson, #foodporn on Instagram as well as everyone's most expensive and incessantly talked about favourite kitchen accessory, the Thermomix.

Unsurprisingly to everyone but its own stars, people loved it. In fact, as McCartney recounted to The Huffington Post Australia, she and McLennan had set a personal goal of the first season reaching 10,000 views on YouTube. At the time of writing, it was nearing four million.

Of course, once people devoured the first six episodes, they wanted more. And while it's taken over a year for the Kates to deliver (in more ways than one), The Katering Show season two has finally arrived.

So why the wait?

McLennan: "I think it was in February last year was when the series was released. McCartney was seven months pregnant, and I was a couple of months pregnant.

"So obviously, there was that. But I think also there's this assumption because it’s online, people think you shoot it on your phone, which just isn't the case.

"It actually took us a long time just to write the script, and it was very hard to try and explain that to our audience."

McCartney: "It is hard to explain when your video sits alongside a pig going for the sea for the first time."

How difficult was it to get back on The Katering Show bandwagon, considering not only the success of the first series, but the fact you have both since had your first children?

McLennan: "It would have been easier to leave it at one series, really. But we actually locked it in before we both had the kids. I think originally we decided McCartney was going to have the baby, and then when she was three or four weeks old we would just start writing again.

"I think we actually originally planned to shoot it four weeks after I had given birth. Then reality set in."

McCartney: "Both our children turned out to be very human babies. It wasn't quite what we anticipated."

McLennan: "The writing took a lot longer than we expected. Of course there were kids involved, but it was also due to the expectation of others and the expectation we placed on ourselves. We knew we wanted to step up from the first season. We're actually pretty high achievers. We have pretty high standards."

McCartney: "Then there was also the thing of us both being really used to failure, and then actually having something that went well... we were like, 'what? We have to do it again!?'"

How did your (very vocal) fan-base affect the process?

McLennan: "Our fans are really lovely and very supportive. But we got a lot of queries like, 'when are the new eps coming?' 'What are you doing? Get off your arses!'

"But they do have a pretty good senses of humour overall, and we wanted to make sure we created something they would be happy with."

McCartney: "There was the expectation we would tackle a few things. We were getting people requesting that we talk about paleo and a few other food trends. I think we took that on board but in a half and half way. Like, a few epsiodes we approached because we knew people wanted us to talk about certain things, so it's something we looked into, but in a way that sated us creatively as well."

How similar are you both to your online personalities?

McCartney: "It's a bit of a mix. I legitimately hate cooking, and McLennan loves it. Well, she did before she had a kid and got too tired.

McLennan: "This series, my character is quite malleable in that I will be what I need to be in that episode in order to get our point across. I guess she represents a societal view?"

McCartney: "I just get to look cool."

So what can your fans expect from season two of 'The Katering Show?'

McCartney: "Murder!"

McLennan: "Romance!"

McCartney: "Really, everything we have done we’ve done for our fans. We've tried to make them laugh. I think this series is more dialled up then the first series. It’s stupider. We’re more idiotic."

McLennan: "We’re just a bit tired. So, we don’t have full brain capacity. What we do have has been channelled into the show. Don’t judge us."

Anything else you'd like to add?

McCartney: "Yes, there is. I just think people need to be careful when they are catching possums on their roof. You can't kill them. You can't relocate them. So what do you do? That's what I want to know.

"I've actually done a lot of reading on it."

The second season of 'The Katering Show' is available to view on ABC iView from Friday, 15th April, 2016.