18/04/2016 8:29 PM AEST | Updated 20/04/2016 2:22 AM AEST

You Can Now Get A Rainbow Grilled Cheese, But Only In Hong Kong

Each colour is a different flavour!

There's blue cheese and then there's blue cheese.

The former is the traditional mouldy French fromage, the latter is a lavender-flavoured concoction found at Kala Toast in Hong Kong.

The blue cheese is served alongside green, red and yellow coloured cheeses in the shop's rainbow grilled cheese sandwich.

According to Instagram user hkfoodiexblogger, the green cheese is basil flavoured, the red cheese is tomato flavoured while the yellow cheese is a mixture of mozzarella, cheddar, emmental and gruyere.

The sandwich, which is described as crispy and oily, costs 42 HKD (about $7) and is said to be subtle on the lavender and tomato flavours.

H/T Cosmopolitan

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