21/04/2016 4:04 PM AEST | Updated 15/07/2016 12:52 PM AEST

Labor Politicians Are Sharing Throwback Photos Of Their Youth

Facebook/Tanya Plibersek

Labor MPs are sharing photos of their younger days, in a push to get young Australians to vote.

Senior opposition figures Tanya Plibersek and Wayne Swan have both added pictures of their student days to Facebook in the last 24 hours, urging young people to get enrolled and vote in the upcoming July election.

"Young people could decide this election. Don’t miss out on your chance to stand up for affordable housing, marriage equality, quality education, a strong economy and more. Your vote matters," Plibersek said.

Swan, a former Deputy Prime Minister and now backbencher, uploaded his own shaggy-haired and moustached photo on Thursday.

"With effective action of climate change, affordable housing and penalty rates at risk in this election, the stakes are just as high for young Australians now as they were [in his student politics days]," Swan wrote.

"19-year-old Tanya Plibersek was clearly more photogenic than 20-year-old Wayne," he joked.

With Labor likely to establish itself as a true, progressive option to the Liberal government, we might see more of this from the opposition; attempts to latch onto the youth vote, through sharing their own stories of their youth.

Of course, Swan and Plibersek are far from the first to get into the 'throwback' style in Australian politics. Labor colleague Anthony Albanese arguably started the trend a few years back with this photo, dubbed by the internet at large as "Hot Albo."

Albanese has since shared many more throwback photos, including this one that includes far more short-shorts and thigh than we should see of one of our senior political figures.

Many other political figures have jumped on the bandwagon since.

We've had 'Hot Bill.'

A young Malcolm:

A little Julia:

Greens member Lee Rhiannon has an entire album of throwback photos on Facebook:

A far younger Nova Peris, in her athletics days:

And, as one helpful person on Twitter pointed out, a young Wyatt Roy:

Prepare for more where these came from....

As Plibersek said, "Enrol to vote (or update your details) before it’s too late:"