15 Australian Snacks We All Know And Love

Oh, Australia. You're so kind to us with your stunning weather all year round, crystal clear water, rich red earth and awkwardly amazing native animals (seriously, platypus, you’re an egg-laying mammal, make up your mind).

You’ve also given us a plethora of delicious -- sometimes weird -- snacks we’ve all grown up on and still love. This is an ode to these snacks.

1. Iced Vovo

We all drool at the thought of this sweet biscuit base topped with jam and coconut. Many of us have fond memories of sneaking into the pantry and stealing a few before dinner, leaving a line of desiccated coconut in our tracks.

2. Cheezels

The first thing you do when you open a packet of Cheezels? Place one of those crumbly bad boys on each of your fingers and proceed to eat them all off, making sure to lick off every hint of orange flavouring. Good times.

3. Tim Tams

This one’s a no-brainer and it’s one that has made the rounds around the world. Australians, however, are the best at eating them. That’s right, no one does a Tim Tam Slam like us.

4. Twisties

First there were regular twisties, alluring in their contorted yet perfect form. Then there were chicken Twisties, which we were all, ‘What the eff?’ but then we were all, ‘Yeah, I can dig these.’ Whichever flavour you prefer, Twisties are the quintessential highly processed Australian snack. You aren’t doing it right if you don't lick your fingers 100 percent clean afterwards.

5. Minties

We’ve all lost at least one tooth chewing on a particularly stubborn, sticky Mintie. But it’s all worth it. Those addictive, minty morsels were a sign of a school day well spent.

6. Drumstick

Don't lie, we all live for the chocolate bit at the bottom. While you chomp your way through them, you know what's waiting for you, and it’s the perfect thing to end on.

7. Violet Crumble

Why it’s 'violet', we don’t know, but we also don’t care. All that matters is that they are honeycomb heaven.

8. Shapes

Eating shapes is the sign of a good social gathering. Whether your favourite flavour is Pizza, Barbeque or Chicken Crimpy (what is a 'crimpy', anyway?), it’s the ultimate group snack -- or the ultimate eat-a-whole-packet-by-yourself snack.

9. Crackers with Butter and Vegemite (aka Vegemite Worms)

Let's not forget Vegemite Worms, one of the greatest snacks ever. Slather on a thick layer of butter, Vegemite, sandwich with another cracker and squeeze that sucker until the buttery, Vegemite worms spring through the holes. Good times.

10. Cheesy Bacon Scrolls

Soft, pillowy white flour buns with layers of cheddar cheese and bacon cubes enveloped within, finished with yet another generous sprinkling of cheese. Because you can never have enough cheese. Or bacon.

11. Caramello Koala

One bite in and you have sticky caramel all down your shirt and face. Completely worth it. The chocolate-to-caramel ratio is perfect, although we do feel a teensy little bit bad about eating our koala friend.

12. Fairy Bread

White bread, plenty of butter and a liberal layer of hundreds and thousands. Good things don't have to be complicated.

13. Fantales

These little chocolate and caramel gems, like their old mate Minties, are tooth-pullers, but we wouldn't change them for the world. Plus you get random facts about celebrities, so it's a win-win, really.

14. Samboy chips

'Atomic Tomato' ring any bells? Samboy chips are arguably the best chips in the country. If you're thinking they have long disappeared, word has it you can still buy Samboy chips in independent supermarkets and online.

15. Mango

How could we not include Australia’s natural iconic snack, the mango. You know it’s the start of summer when you see these plump, sweet fruits glowing brightly at the shop. Bring a whole tray home, cut them into porcupines and suck the pip dry. Messy but oh-so-good.

Honourable mentions:

  • Burger Rings
  • Maltesers
  • Chokito
  • Cherry Ripe
  • Red Skins
  • Milkos
  • Jatz
  • Golden Gaytime
  • Mint Slice
  • Lamingtons
  • Red Frogs
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