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Federal MP Stuart Robert Criticised Over Anzac Day Tweet

Update: Robert has since apologised for the tweet, saying that it was meant to be posted yesterday.

"Apologies for negative gearing tweet, It was intended for yesterday with the images I posted. I didn't even think to re-read it before post," the tweet read.

Federal MP Stuart Robert has been labelled "disrespectful" by twitter users after posting a tweet supporting the Liberal Government's plans to not make any changes to negative gearing regulations in the upcoming federal budget.

"There are more defence force personnel who use negative gearing than surgeons, judges, anaesthetists and psychiatrists combined," the now deleted tweet read.

Users were quick to criticise Robert for using Anzac Day to promote the Liberal policy, while others wanted to know what facts he had to support his proposition.

Twitter users also drew comparisons between Robert's comment and those posted by SBS presenter Scott McIntyre, who was fired last year after a series of tweets about Anzac Day on Twitter.

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