06/05/2016 12:15 PM AEST | Updated 28/09/2016 9:59 PM AEST

Sheet Masks: The Hype, The Truth And What The Hell They Do

Adriana Lima

Korean women love their skincare. Fact.

Not only do their routines consist of 10 steps (which blows the old 'cleanse, tone and moisturise' out of the water), but Korea can also be thanked for giving us BB creams and cushion foundations.

And now, we have sheet masks. For a long time the (very good) SKII Facial Treatment Mask containing pitera was pretty much the only one around, making it the mask du jour amongst models on sets and celebs flying first class. Though recently we've seen more and more skincare brands offer masks in the sheet variety (as opposed to the traditional pot or tube).

Called a 'sheet' mask or sometimes a 'cloth' mask, these fabric-like face-shaped masks are infused with powerful actives to treat your skin concern. Not just for hydration, they are a targeted way to tackle pigmentation, congestion, fine lines and oil flow. They also make an excellent primer.

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"I use sheet masks a lot on photo shoots to prepare the model's skin before I apply the base," makeup artist Natalia Sprem told The Huffington Post Australia.

"Regular 'rinse off' masks are too messy, especially on set. Sheet masks contain a serum-like liquid that penetrates the skin but doesn't need washing off after. I tissue away any excess and then massage the rest into the skin, which then acts like a primer to plump and smooth the complexion, ready for foundation."

While traditionally clay masks were for oily or acneic skin, and gels or creams for hydration, the same concerns can be treated with a sheet mask (minus the heavy goo).

Better yet, they are packaged individually which makes them great for travel and most likely that's when you want to employ the power of a mask -- to refresh the complexion after air travel, or for an extra boost before an event.

Many come in one large sheet with eye, nose and mouth holes to treat the whole face, however you'll also find them designed for targeted areas. Stripes under the eyes will plump out fine lines while neckpieces are generally for tightening and firming.

"Sheet masks are also great because they force you to relax for a little while. Cleanse your face and then pop one on and lie down to meditate for 15 minutes. Afterwards you can massage the remaining serum into the skin and leave as is, or top with moisturiser if you're really dry," Sprem said.