10/05/2016 5:13 AM AEST

Paralysed Dog Found Near Shelter With Crushing Note From Owner

"Please help my Genie."

Words from this pup's previous owner will leave you in tears. 

A paralyzed dog was recently discovered near the Humane Society of Tampa Bay in Florida along with a note from the pup's previous owner. The message is heartbreaking. 

"Please help my Genie," the note read. "I tried to manage her pain with medication from her vet but they only ease her pain and she needs surgery. I cannot afford [it] so I ask that the Animal Health Center heal her and find her a loving forever home. Thank you."

The shelter, which shared Genie's story on Facebook last Tuesday, took the message to heart and has been giving the pooch the medical care and attention she deserves. 

Sherry Silk, the shelter's CEO, told The Huffington Post that a maintenance worker had found the pooch, who is unable to move around by herself. Genie also has a damaged bladder, on top of her paralysis, and the shelter's veterinarians have been manually helping the dog go to the bathroom.  

Luckily the dog is currently not in pain and is becoming more relaxed. Silk says the precious pooch also loves being held and cuddled by staff. 

While Genie was found alone, the CEO told HuffPost she believes the note is evidence that the dog wasn't unloved. In fact, she says she's open to speaking with the owner and returning the animal to their care if they come forward. 

"She or he clearly cared about the animal," Silk said of the dog's previous owner. "They brought it to a good place." 

More has to be done to help Genie. Silk, who thinks it's possible the dog fell or was hit by a car, explained that the dog will be undergo tests on Monday so a specialist can determine whether she's eligible for surgery to potentially gain some of her mobility back. 

If she's isn't a good candidate for surgery, then the dog's vets will continue putting her on medication and the shelter will get a special wheelchair for her. The shelter is currently raising money to help with any medical expenses for Genie, as well as other animals in need at the facility. 

Whatever Genie's fate may be, one thing is certain: The shelter has her back. 

"We will care for Genie. We will do our best to heal her body and mend her grieving heart," the shelter wrote. "We will give her a second chance and find her a loving home."

To donate to help Genie and other animals in need, visit the shelter's donation page here.