10/05/2016 6:13 PM AEST

Pete The Farting Corn-Eating Wombat Is Your New Spirit Animal

Let it rip, mate.

Pete the Farting Wombat
Pete the Farting Wombat

Let it rip, Pete. 

Pete's a hairy-nosed wombat who's not afraid to let one loose -- and the BBC Two clip above opens with him sharing a satisfying fart with a handler trying to feed him corn. 

"Wasn't me," the man holding Pete says. 

While Pete the Farting Wombat may look pretty chill, check out what happens when he wants a bite of corn: 

"Like a beaver chewing through wood," the man says as he struggles to hold the wonder that is Pete the Farting Wombat, who at times looks like he has a bit of the Tasmanian Devil in him:

It's not just corn. Pete also gives his meds the same treatment -- so don't get too close: 

Pete was medicated for his return trip to his sanctuary. 

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