These 5 Kitchen Tricks Will Keep Your Food Fresher, Longer

Because who wants mold on their mushrooms?
Young woman shopping for fresh produce.
Young woman shopping for fresh produce.

At a time when there are nearly 50 million food-insecure Americans who are going without, and yet we're discarding about 80 billion pounds of food waste a year, we really need to be focusing on making the most of the food we buy.

Look, we know nobody wants their peanut butter to turn into a brick. Or mold to grow on their mushrooms. And you definitely don't want your cheese to dry out before you're done using it.

In the video above, Pennygram shows you how to correctly store these foods in ways you might not normally think of: Wrapping cheese in wax paper, for example, allows it to breathe, so it will stay fresher, longer.

See the rest of their no-brainer tricks above.