Clever Packing Tips To Make More Room In Your Suitcase

Options for both 'folders' and 'rollers'.
Bags packed. Will travel.
Bags packed. Will travel.

The joy and excitement of packing for holiday is only surpassed by the trip itself. Creating an edit of all your favourite clothes, accessories and toiletries is fun, especially when you can visualise which European beach you'll be lounging on wearing them.

Though if you're off on a big trip you don't have all that much room in a case to pack our possessions. And with extra cases costing roughly the same as another flight, it's just not worth it.

So, it's time to employ some clever packing tricks to maximise the space you do have.

If you're headed to the snow (or somewhere cold) compressing puffa jackets is imperative. You can invest in specific roll-up packs, though a regular old zip lock bag (partly sealed and then rolled to let the air out) will do the trick.

Speaking of zip-lock bags, packing a few large ones makes seperating dirty underwear and clothing from the clean garments so easy. The smaller sizes are also great for packing jewellery and beauty products -- especially liquids which may leak due to cabin compression.

Then it comes to the age old fold versus roll debate, people are divided. If clothes wrinkle easily, try rolling -- this will avoid those sharp fold lines on silk and cotton (if the garment still needs smoothing upon arrival, hang it in the hotel bathroom with the shower running on hot and the steam will soften the lines out). Better yet, try rolling whole outfits -- the thicker the roll the less creases, and you're wardrobe will be sorted nice and neatly into days.

If youre a die-hard folder, don't worry. Try folding items and then stacking them vertically as opposed to horizontally (like a filing cabinet) makes it easy for you to see which piece you're after.

Lastly, make use of the wasted space inside shoes. Use it to stash socks and even fragile accessories such as watches. Wrap each shoe is a plastic bag so as to not dirty other items with the soles.

Check out this handy infographic for more clever packing tips. Bon voyage!

Infographic by the team at Expedia CA