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This Simple Theory Explains Everything On 'Seinfeld'

"Seinfeld" fans, prepare to have serenity now.

If you're anything like George Costanza, sometimes the most innocuous details can give you a conniption. This is the case with this latest "Seinfeld" mystery. Even with all the ridiculous shenanigans that happen on the show, some people are still wondering one small head-scratcher:

Why was everyone always hanging out at Jerry's apartment?

It's not just that they're always at Jerry's place. The group is always talking about their problems like they never see each other, and they always seem to have new significant others out of the blue.

The conundrum is incredibly unexceptional and yet utterly upsetting. It's that red glow from the chicken sign that keeps you up at night, it's when you catch someone double-dipping a chip and, now, it may finally be solved.

The theory: There are time gaps in the show because Jerry is always on the road.

Redditor hotdoggystyle says there's a simple reason why everyone's always hanging at Jerry's:

As a somewhat successful comedian, Jerry is constantly on the road touring, appearing on various late-night talk shows, and is more than likely out of town for weeks at a time. His closest friends know his schedule, so when he's in town they know exactly where to find him and don't mind popping in because they haven't seen him for some time.

The Redditor says the fact that Jerry is away a lot explains everything. This could be the reason the group constantly seems to have new relationships, why they're always airing their grievances like it's Festivus every day and, especially, why everyone's always hanging out at Jerry's apartment.

Some Reddit users added that there are other explanations for the characters' behavior, such as not having smartphones or Internet to stay in touch or that Jerry may just have the nicest apartment.

From a practical standpoint, Jerry's apartment was filmed in a studio in front of a live audience, so obviously it's going to be recurring -- not that there's anything wrong with that. But what do you think?

Does this theory have you getting upset? Or do you believe it's real, and it's spectacular?

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