13/05/2016 4:09 AM AEST | Updated 13/05/2016 7:08 AM AEST

Serena Williams Eats Gourmet Dog Food, Gets Sick

You might say she couldn't hold serve.

Serena Williams ate dog food Wednesday, and then discovered it's not people food.

 "I just ran to the toilet like I was going to pass out," she said in a Snapchat video.

So what moved the tennis star to try her dog Chip's meal? Hard times? A show of unity with her adorable Yorkie pal? Nah, just curiosity.

We'll let her tell the story in full above. But briefly, she ordered her pooch the vittles from the gourmet dog food menu at the Rome hotel where's she's staying for the Italian Open. When the salmon and rice (cost: 15 euros) arrived, she liked what she saw.

"I'm like, what the heck? I'm going to try a piece. It looks good. So I ate a spoonful. Don't judge me," she said.

(We're too busy laughing to judge, Serena.)

"Now I feel really sick," she added.

At least she didn't leave her sense of humor in the bathroom.

Incidentally, the top-seeded Williams still had enough Thursday to beat Christina McHale, 7-6 (7), 6-1.

She's still a champ, even if she discovered that dog food isn't part of a champion's diet.

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