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Election 2016 Campaign Watch, Day 5: Heckles And Selfies

Your daily election wrap, because we care.

Video edited by Tom Compagnoni

Welcome to Campaign Watch, HuffPost Australia's wrap-up of all the election silliness, social media snafus and stuff-ups. We're at day five of the 54-day campaign. Congratulations, you made it through the first week! Only seven to go...

Friday on my mind

Even by the sluggish standards of this election campaign so far, Friday's day five was a slow one. With the leaders focused on the evening Sky News debate, campaign activity was few and far between; although Malcolm Turnbull managed to combine two of his favourite things, trains and selfies, as he caught up with Adelaide radio station Fresh 92.7 in an awkward encounter.

Here it is, from another angle:

Homeless heckle

The PM also attracted the first proper heckle of the campaign, an Adelaide woman rolling up as he visited a shopping centre to berate him over homelessness policy.

Feel the Barn

Barnaby Joyce may yet be the true dark horse of the election, the Deputy PM and Nationals leader running a low-profile but amusing campaign so far as he wanders the countryside while his boss Malcolm traverses the big cities. Barnaby was spotted, in fine form, atop a bar at a pub in central NSW overnight.

While, for some reason, this Twitter user showed off the massive model heads she has crafted of Barnaby, Turnbull and (we think) Tony Abbott.

That's all for day five. Keep an eye on the leader's debate tonight, and let us know any crazy stuff you see on the campaign trail: email or Tweet me at @JoshButler

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