13/05/2016 1:18 PM AEST

WATCH: Wolf Instantly Regrets Attacking This Badass Baby Bison

Don't mess with this little fella

Wolf vs Baby Bison
National Geographic
Wolf vs Baby Bison

This little baby bison looks like it would be no match for a hungry wolf on the prowl at Yellowstone National Park. 

But looks can be deceiving.

Separated from his mother during a river crossing and stranded on a small gravel island, the one-week-old bison becomes the target of a hungry wolf.

The wolf goes in for the kill, trying to use its powerful jaws to rip open the little bison's throat -- but this baby has some aikido moves in store for the predator.  

Watch what happens in the clip above, from the National Geographic show "America's National Parks: Yellowstone." 


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