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Gary The Goat Is The Spirit Animal You Didn't Know You Needed

You've laughed, now you can cry.

It's not your standard national tour -- a comedian and his goat Gary on an expletive-riddled uncensored road trip around Australia.

Yet the unlikely duo of Jimbo Bazoobi aka James Dezarnaulds and his big, South African Saanen milk goat hit a niche, with Gary The Goat videos regularly garnering more than a million views on YouTube.

Last night Dezarnaulds uploaded his final clip in a three-month series of daily videos, and it was a bit melancholy.

Warning: like all Gary The Goat videos, there's a lot of swearing.

While previous clips were bizarre and often offensive romps through outback pubs, muddy bog fields and interactions with least-favourite goat Kevin, this last one was about being separated from his young family in Japan and his claim of an upcoming legal case.

Waiting at the airport to visit his family, he starts wondering about what his kids will think of him when they're old enough to Google his work.

"That's gona' be a worry, 'what the f--- were you doing dad, when we were three and one?'.

'Oh I was just running around the country with a goat'. "

He then meets his daughter, who speaks Japanese and he says "right this is going to be a bit of a worry 'cause I just speak English".

As for an upcoming court case, he's no stranger to legal action and social media bans.

In 2015, his YouTube channel was temporarily suspended, presumably due to constant dropping of the c-bomb and f-bomb.

This year, he faced Wagga Wagga local court over charges related to urinating in a cup and drinking it and he said an upcoming case was to do with a video he made while confronting a police officer.

He's said he'll be back with more videos to impress his fans, including the ones who've been tattooed with Gary The Goat, shortly.

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