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9 Moves To Build A Better Butt And Stronger Body

Glutes are the biggest muscle set in your body.

It's not just about looking good at the beach or twerking better -- your gluteal muscles make up the largest muscle set in your body. When they're stronger, your hips are stronger, your spine is more stabilized and you become better at doing everyday tasks (a major benefit of functional training).

But by sitting at a desk all day, you neglect your glutes, increasing your risk of injury, especially in your knees, lower back and groin. teamed up with Instagram butt-workout celebrity Brittany Perille Yoba to design a 9-move glute workout that will help get you on your way to a stronger butt -- and best of all, it requires no equipment whatsoever.

"I train my glutes up to three times a week for up to an hour and fifteen minutes with about 10 different glutes exercises that isolate the muscles by working them from various angles," she told

You can try 9 of her moves in the video above.

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